Dr M.A. Kasem B.D.S.


Department of the Navy

Department of the Navy
Navy Operational Support Center
9500 Armed Forces Dr. Suite 200
Orlando, Florida 32827

From: Commanding Officer, Navy Operational Support Center, Orlando
To: Doctor Mohammed A Kasem

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

1. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the support you provided to one of our Navy Sailors, Petty Officer Harold Anderson as he prepared for activation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Your flexibility in scheduling enough appointments and accommodating his short lead time prior to his deployment were commendable. Petty Officer Anderson was mobilized with the confidence that he was in peak dental health and, as a result, could be relied upon as a critical construction team member on an extended deployment.

2. On behalf of all our servicemen. I want to thank you for your support of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

G. A. Smith
Capt. U.S. Navy

Paul Parisi

Dr. Kasem B.D.S.
Thank you and all of your staff for a wonderful Hollywood smile that I could afford.
Your office can do it all

Paul Parisi.

Paul Parisi
Bernard DaPron

Dr. M A Kasem B.D.S.

I am writing to thank you for the great care which you provided to my wife when I brought her to you from Lake City Florida.

Not only did you completely remove and cure her long standing gum infection after other dentists failed to do so but you made a complete set of custom dentures for her which she is proudly showing to friends and family..

It is my observation that you are not only a first class dentist and denture provider, but that you are also a proud man who strives to excel in quality workmanship, while keeping in mind the comfort and well being of the patient.

At the same time, your prices unlike our home area are reasonable and fair.

From now on when either of us has a dental problem we will call you for an appointment because the excellence of your work make the 300 mile round trip well worth the drive

Bernard DaPron
Lake City Florida

Howey Baptist Church

212 West Central Ave.
Howey-In-The-Hills, FL 34747
Telephone: 352 255 5547

Dr. Kasem

I just wanted to thank you for the new dentures you made for me recently. I no longer have sore gums all the time nor do I have to constantly use denture adhesive to ensure my teeth stay in place. I have enjoyed many meals no moving of my dentures and especially no food particles being trapped under them.

I have told my congregation about you and recommended they make their next appointment with you.

Again, thank you for an excellent set of dentures that I expect to give me many years of enjoyment

John M. Ernest

Libby & Monument.

Libby & Monument
Radiologic & Associates, Inc.
5801 Bremo Rd.
Richmond Virginia 23226

Dear Dr. Kasem

My wife and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated the fine care that you and your staff gave to our daughter 2 weeks ago on March 12 1990. The kindness and patience you demonstrated while caring for my daughter was exemplary. I work with children and parents on almost a daily basis and fully understand the anxieties provoked by situations we found ourselves in that day Therefore, I can personally attest to your talents in not only dentistry, but also psychology of human nature

For your information, we spent a very enjoyable remainder of the week in Orlando, The subsequent success of our vacation was due to your fine efforts and abilities. My wife and I thank you and your staff most sincerely

Robert A Goldschmidt, M.D.
Chairman, Department of Radiology
St Mary's Hospital
5801 Bremo Rd.
Richmond, Virginia 23226

John Redmon

Dr. Kasem

I am writing to convey my thanks for quality work. A craftsman at affordable prices, who would have thought? You have given me back the great pleasure of eating, one of the few real enjoyments life has to offer.

You were my fourth attempt in less that a decade to obtain dentures that would allow me to eat properly. Until now all my previous dentures were ill fitting requiring constant maintenance and denture adhesive.

During our first consultation you advised me I was a candidate for dental implants, an option I previously considered however the cost was prohibitive. the fee you quoted me was within my means so I accepted. First you constructed the best dentures I have had to this point, then we proceeded with the process of the implants. The timeline for the process most would give are usually over optimistic. Your time-line was 100% (honestly). Attention to detail may be irritant to some however this is a hallmark of a craftsman (integrity). Every step had to be right before you moved to the next.

The day you completed last step, I went out for the first time in just under a decade and enjoyed a meal!! It was a pleasure to be able to eat without concern for my dentures. I am fortunate to have found you to know that there are still those who practice a profession, who provide a great service (uncommon) without the over ridding concern for making a much as possible from their patrons.

Again My Friend, Thank You Very Much!!!