Dr M.A. Kasem B.D.S.

The Staff

About Us

Dental StaffWe have been serving the Orlando, Central Florida area in the same location for over 28 years. At our implant dental center, you will discover a friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting to serve you.

We welcome the most difficult and urgent cases and since we have our own dental lab on the premises... you wont need to go anywhere else. So whether you need an implant, denture, restoration or other procedure, you will find our services affordable and Simply The Best!


Your dental treatment is designed according to your situation. All the options will be discussed so you can choose the right option for you.

Lower Prices
We are about 30% less expensive than dentists across the country..

We Do It All
We do it all... from extraction to implant placement to final restoration without referring separate areas of the work to outside offices.